Consulting Services

Most companies manage theft, fraud and loss as a part of the cost of doing business, and only address specific problems as they arise. Tactical Training Services, LLC delivers improvements through managing and mitigating fraud with effectively designed loss prevention strategies and controls that can be proven in the bottom line of your business.

What we do:

Tactical Training Services, LLC recognizes that as a business you budget for a certain amount of losses into your bottom line financial planning. We also know that building effective controls and governance in your business, monitoring and adapting controls, gives companies the opportunity to reduce loss over time.

Our consulting team works with you too:

•Analyze the root cause of loss within your business and design effective controls?

•Review systems and processes for potential waste, errors and loss of inventory?

•Identify where you are vulnerable to loss through fraud and theft whether from employees, vendors or customers.?

Once we’ve built, prioritized and structured your recommendations, we can also act as outsourced provider of security and loss prevention solutions. Our experts are Certified Forensic Interviewers with an average of 20+ years of experience in the Loss Prevention Industry.

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